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myLook lets you easily manage your real-life wardrobe.
Create your own perfect outfits, change accessories and colors, find your friends and share your looks.

* Create your real-life wardrobe
Fill your wardrobe with your own clothes and accessories, and then:
- mix and match your clothes, test different outfits
- design tomorrow's or tonight's real outfit!
- take a look into your wardrobe on your iOS device, wherever, whenever; never forget your clothes again.

* Create your avatar and reproduce your CURRENT look!
- cycle through haircuts, eye colors, skin colors
- switch backgrounds and select today's scenario
- just dress it up as you're dressed now!

* Take a look into your friends' CURRENT look and rate their style.

- Find your clothes among a wide selection of available virtual clothes
- Color them by picking the same color they have in real-life
- Name them as you wish, so that it's easier for you to recognize them and recall them
- No in-app purchases! All clothes and features are included.
- No advertising
- High-resolution Retina display support