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1. Open your real wardrobe in your room.
Ready to move all your clothes into myLook app? Let's start.


Body Styler
2. This is you.
3. This is not you? Ok, tap on the COMB button and find your style. 4. Welcome to the Body Styler room.
5. Tap to change skin color. 6. Tap to change eye color. 7. Tap to change haircut.
8. You can change hair color. 9. or not. 10. Ok, go back to Home with the >> button.

11. Let's work on your wardrobe. 12.  See the handle? Pull the wardrobe (drag it) 13. You can close it in the same way. Remember: You can always open your wardrobe.
14. Your wardrobe is empty. Start to fill it with your real stuff. 15. For example, you have a sleveless top like this. 16. We're going to put it in your virtual wardrobe. Tap on SHOPPING.
17. Now select TopWear. 18. Swipe vertically to select the right shelf 19. and horizontally to view all apparels available in that category.
20. Ok, we have found your sleveless top. 21. Pick it. 22. Your apparel is automatically placed in its shelf.
23. You have two sleveless top in your real wardrobe? OK. Take another one. 24. Clothes you pick in shopping area are blank. You can customize them immediately. 25. Close your wardrobe.
Customize clothes
26. Let's customize your clothes. Tap on MANNEQUIN button. 27. Welcome to the Stylist room. You are going to select all your apparels, one by one, and customize them. 28. open wardrobe and select the sleveless top.
29. the top is placed on the mannequin. 30. To color it as your real top, slide your finger on the color picker. 31. TIP: use the swatch at the bottom for quick Black or White.
32. Now, change the description to better recall your real top. 33. Write anything you want (ex. the brand) 34. To mark this apparel as a favourite, tap the heart button.
35. Now it's a favourite 36. and appears in the first shelf too, the FAVOURITE shelf. 37. Change color of the other similar top
38. it's simple. 39. Go ahed and compose your beautiful wardrobe.  
40. Some apparels have more than one part to color. Look at this striped polo: you can color stripes and collar. 41. tap the SPOT button to cycle the different parts of the apparel 42. part 1
43. part 2 44. collar.  
Dress your avatar
45. Dress your avatar is simple. Just open the wardrobe and tap an apparel. 46. done.
Dress up your avatar.
47. TIP: you can access the styler tapping the apparel.
48. Your Look. 49. TIP: you can remove items with a swipe.  
Change background
50. You can change background. 51. Tap the low botton. 52. and find your today's favourite.